Employers & Industry Partners

With a goal to introduce Alaska middle and high school students to our state's high-wage/high-demand industries, our industry partners play a key role in the JA Inspire Virtual program. Employers will have the opportunity to have a virtual booth where documents, videos and weblinks are available for students to explore and inquire about the business and the industry.

Career Clusters Represented

  -  Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
  -  Architecture & Construction
  -  Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communication
  -  Business Management
  -  Education & Training
  -  Finance
  -  Government & Public Administration
  -  Health Science
  -  Hospitality & Tourism
  -  Human Services
  -  Information Technology
  -  Law & Public Safety
  -  Manufacturing
  -  Marketing & Sales
  -  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
  -  Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Business Booth

Exhibit Hall