Welcome JA Middle & High School Students!

Junior Achievement is excited that you are taking part in our JA Inspire program this year! In addition to your work in the classroom and attending the JA Inspire Virtual Career Exploration Fair, we are providing you with extra resources to help create a pathway to high school, college, or career.

Whether you need help finding the right high school to meet your academic needs, help in developing a resume, or finding the right apprenticeship program or college, JA has many resources to assist you.

If, along the way, you need more assistance, please reach out to your teacher, guidance counselor, or principal. They are more than willing to assist you in your efforts to be successful!

Thank you for being a JA Inspire Virtual participant and good luck!

Student Resources

JA Inspire Videos - This video series, which will be shown as part of your JA Inspire curriculum, was created to help you identify some of the choices you need to make in order to help you get started on your career journey. Hosts Maya and Mason will help you get excited with beginning to discover for yourself how a career choice can be both satisfying and fulfilling. (Thank you to our friends at JA Kentuckiana for the use of their videos, made possible by James Graham Brown Foundation, as we develop our JA Inspire program in Alaska.)

JA Inspire Career Exploration Fair Exhibitor List - Check out all of the companies and careers that we will be exhibiting during your JA Inspire visit. One of them may be your future employer!

JA My Way - Join “JA My Way” to get tips and tools to put your career on the express track. Take the Personality Quiz and then visit “My Career” to find job matches. Explore buying a car and saving for college in “My Money”, create a professional resume at “My Resume”, or get tips to start a business at “My Business”.

JA Assembling Your Career - Junior Achievement, in partnership with Alcoa Foundation, helps provide middle school and high school students with practical information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers and the ways in which students can prepare for these careers while still in school.

ASA Futurescape - Now middle and high school students can prepare for their futures anytime, anywhere. Introducing ASA Futurescape™, a mobile-first experience that lets students explore thousands of education and career paths on their own terms. Powered by real-time insights, it’s the only future exploration tool that learns and grows in sync with young people’s evolving strengths, passions, interests, and goals. This resource is free to students.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program - The Alaska Department of Labor provides workforce development, workforce security, and workforce protection to the state’s workers, employers and citizens.